It is not a secret to mention that food delivery is one of the few sectors that has not only resisted in the face of the complex global context, but has grown. This has been identified by several brands seeking to capitalize on this area of ​​opportunity, one of them is Uber.

The San Francisco tech company had made an effort to reach an agreement and acquire GrubHub, however, criticism from the political arena in the United States and the intervention of Just Eat Takeaway, this business could not be completed.

A new look at the door

It is clear that Uber saw one of its biggest rivals as a great option to grow and strengthen its position within the US market. And, apparently, the firm does not give up on the idea of ​​gaining a greater share since it already has a plan b.

According to a report by The New York Times, the company led by Dara Khosrowshahi submitted a takeover bid to buy Postmates, sources close to the matter revealed.

According to published information, both companies are close to bequeathing an agreement and, if consolidated, it could become official this week. However, it is emphasized that the dialogue and the potential agreement « could fall apart. »

Win-win formula

This is what the NYT exposes, pointing out that for Uber, completing the purchase of Postmates could boost its delivery business Uber Eats, which has proven in recent months to be its strongest contribution, after the decline of the transfer service.

Meanwhile, for the delivery service it could be an ideal option to rescue the company because, although it was an innovative idea in its emergence, it has been reached and surpassed in market share by other larger firms such as DoorDash, GrubHub and the same app from the San Francisco technology company.

In this regard, it is worth noting that in its financial report, Uber reported income from 3 thousand 543 million dollars between January and March 2020, exceeding the expectations of specialists.

However, he recognized that travel decreased by 3 percent affected by the conditions posed by the coronavirus. But he highlighted the behavior of Uber Eats, which grew 54 percent.

Delivery will continue to grow

Food delivery is a segment of the eServices market that has grown rapidly in recent years and considers the development of income and delivery service solutions for ready meals, both from restaurant to consumer, and from platform to consumer.

Globally, this market went from representing revenue for 76 thousand 195 million dollars, To over 136 billion estimates for 2020, according to data projected in Statista, and this did not consider the impact of the coronavirus, which has translated into an increase in the demand for this type of service.