The UN accuses Maduro of crimes against humanity.A report shows the systematic use of torture and executions outside the judicial system in Venezuela.While this is happening, Nicolás Maduro assured that the parliamentary elections called by Chavismo for December 6 are still in force.

Independent experts commissioned by the highest UN human rights body denounced this Wednesday that the government of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro committed crimes against humanity.

To this end, experts from the United Nations Independent International Fact-finding Mission on the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela presented a 443-page report that demonstrates the systematic use of torture and executions outside the judicial system in Venezuela.

They investigated 223 cases, 48 ​​of which were examined in depth.

However, the experts could not visit the country because « the government did not respond to repeated requests » and also because of global travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however they conducted 274 remote interviews, explains the report.

Although the mission recognizes “the nature of the crisis and the tensions in the country and the State’s responsibility to maintain public order,” it found that “the Government, state agents, and the groups that worked with them had committed flagrant violations of the human rights of men and women in Venezuela ”.

The report describes these events, as well as forced disappearances and arbitrary arrests, and recommends prosecuting those responsible for such crimes as a guarantee that they will not happen again.

The report was commissioned last year by the Human Rights Council, made up of 47 states, which has the backing of the United Nations.

“The Mission found reasonable grounds to believe that the Venezuelan authorities and security forces have planned and executed serious human rights violations since 2014, some of which – including arbitrary executions and the systematic use of torture – constitute crimes of Against humanity ”, said the president of the mission, Marta Valiñas, quoted in a statement.

And he added: « Far from being isolated acts, these crimes were coordinated and committed in accordance with the policies of the State, with the knowledge or direct support of the commanders and senior government officials. »

Photo taken on March 12, 2020 of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro in Caracas. (AP Photo / Matias Delacroix, File)