Generate a tool that serves to decision-making to political leaders and avoid or detect outbreaks of COVID19 in Spain it is one of the objectives of the project in which researchers from the University Research Institute ‘Operational Research Center’ of the Miguel HernĂ¡ndez University (UMH) by Elche Alejandro Rabasa and Xavier Barber. The research, coordinated by Doctor Honoris Causa by UMH Nuria Oliver and the general director of Analysis and Public Policy, Ana Berenguer, has received 150,000 euros with funds from Santander-CRUE.

The grants obtained from Santander Supera-COVID are intended to support different lines of research: Study of mobility, epidemiological models that incorporate mobility and individual epidemiological models, predictive modeling and risk maps, and citizen science; that is, the large survey that more than 200,000 people have answered and helps to understand social, economic and health aspects ( To do this, various techniques will be used, ranging from the analysis of mobility matrices and graphs to the equations of their own SEIR models, time series analyzes, machine learning models or associated factors in the survey responses.

The CIO researchers at UMH Rabasa and Barber work with an interdisciplinary team from various universities in the Community that have already been part of various research works throughout the confinement. Its composition is based on university professors, in most of the branches of Artificial Intelligence and Statistics of various universities, and researchers from Fisabio; all of them, led by Nuria Oliver and coordinated by the Generalitat Valenciana. The results of the research group will be displayed, on the one hand, on a web page where they will be updated daily and, on the other hand, through technical reports, addressed directly to the Presidency of the Generalitat.

In the context of COVID-19, Artificial Intelligence can be used as an early warning system against certain risks. Today, any disease, not just COVID, is a great source of data. Health and non-health professionals collect a lot of information in this regard and, therefore, it is very important to make quick decisions, as in the case of outbreaks.

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