‘Ultraman’ feature film coming

According to Variety, Netflix has partnered with Tsuburaya Productions to develop a new CGI animated feature film based on the iconic Japanese superhero. ‘Ultraman’. The film will show a new story that will aim to attract a new audience for the superhero dressed in red and silver.

Shannon Tindle (‘Coraline’) will make her directorial debut alongside John Aoshima (‘DuckTales’), with a script to be written by Tindle and Marc Haimes (‘Kubo and the Two Strings’) and a production by Tom Knott and Lisa Poole.

Started in 1966, we are talking about one of the longest-running Japanese tokusatsu productions in history, made up of different series, animated specials, 30 films and more than 50 video game appearances. The superhero appeared in the live action film ‘Ultraman Geed The Movie’, released in March 2018 in Japan. In addition, Netflix already has an anime series of the character.

The story will follow a baseball superstar named Ken Sato, who returns to Japan to take up the mantle of Ultraman. Things don’t go according to plan and he comes across a newborn kaiju monster that he wants to raise as his own. It seems that kaiju are only part of the problems in Sato’s life, as he must also take care of his relationship with his estranged father and the Kaiju Defense Force.

The animation will be done by Tsuburaya Productions and Industrial Light and Magic, with a cast that will be a mix of Japanese and Western stars. Finally, I leave you with a first conceptual art of the project:

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