A new competitive multiplayer combat arena type is on its way to dropping by the hybrid console eShop, it’s about Ultra Foodmess, the first joint bet of the independent developer Riftpoint Entertainment and the publisher Painful Smile, which takes us to a world of aggressive vegetables wanting to outdo each other through hard battles for up to four participants, or one against three cpus. The interesting thing is that it has up to eleven modes Different, different rules to achieve victory, such as being the last vegetable to remain standing and whole, or being the one who can last the longest with the crown on, among many other and varied options. This title is scheduled to land on Nintendo Switch starting next 6th August, in a matter of just one week, and the good thing is that in the meantime, we have a complete gameplay of the first ten minutes of the game, where you can also see several of those modes in motion.

Gameplay Ultra Foodmess (Nintendo Switch eShop)

Ultra Foodmess is a competitive party game for up to 4 players where food characters battle each other in a variety of crazy and fast modes!

Experience the food disaster! Call your friends to explode, shoot, swing, push, dodge, destroy and finally ruin your friendship.

2 to 4 players in local multiplayer.
★ 11 different fast-paced game modes
Choose from a variety of crazy modes, each with its own mechanics.
★ Many food characters
Choose the food you like best to defeat others and show who is the best!
★ It is very EASY TO PLAY!
Anyone can take the controller and start having fun!
★ battle against AI
Get ready and fight against food bots.
Complete challenges to earn achievements and unlock amazing new characters!

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