Ulices Chaidez presents us with a new single!

Ulices Chaidez never ceases to amaze us, now he brings us a new single, and today we present this new material to you here at Music News.

Ulices Chaidez premiered on April 2 a song titled, “Desde Navolato Vengo Vol 1)” and it has really been quite popular. This production was made in collaboration with Del Records and is just Volume One.

The interesting thing about this song is not only its lyrics, but the presentation they give to the cover of this album. We can see Ulices Chaidez caritcaturizado with his white guitar, in a kind of farm, a horse by his side, and some elements that complement this image. Something very pleasing to the eye, very cheerful. Definitely a perfect match with the pleasant lyrics that Ulices Chaidez presents to us on this new album.

Of course, the entire audience of Ulices did not take long to show up and show their unconditional support for the artist and the love they have for this new album. Be clear! It’s just volume 1.

“Beautiful songs! Greetings from Sinaloa “

Thank you for this record! Puros San Pedro Navolato! ”,“ We ​​would love for you to upload all this volume but for separate songs!  “

Among all these songs, we present you one of the many that make up volume one of Ulices Chaidez’s album. This song is titled, “Has No Comparison” and is a live version. Check it out here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwcMzHStVVA

Congratulations to Ulices Chaidez, we hope he continues to make more lyrics that inspire millions of followers, and that the successes of Música News continue!