Ukraine: What are the Euro 2020 match odds?


On at 20:42 CEST

Ronald Goncalves

As the Euro 2020, the number of candidates who clearly aspire to win the competition is reduced. Already entered the quarterfinals, England is one of the clear favorites to win the tournamentHowever, it still has multiple obstacles to overcome before achieving it, and the most immediate is Ukraine.

In allusion to this, both national teams have met 7 times throughout their history. With 4 wins, 2 draws Y 1 defeat, those of Gareth Southgate have the historical endorsement for the game, but they also have the modern endorsement because, as far as competition is concerned, remain undefeated with three wins and a draw.

Taking into consideration the above, the bookmakers pay the victory of England at 1.4 euros (1.2 in extension), while the victory of Ukraine is paid at 9 euros (4.5 in extensiona) and the tie also at 4.5. However, these estimates will not be confirmed until tomorrow, Saturday, July 3, which is when both national teams will face each other on the field of play.

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