UK plans to stop selling internal combustion cars by 2030

The European Federation for Transport and Environment, welcomed the approach made by the United Kingdom to stop selling internal combustion vehicles by 2030.

Likewise; This approach extends to hybrid models by 2035, hastening their conversion to green technologies in remarkable time.

According to the Federation, these acts imply a frontal fight against climate change and a much cleaner air for the inhabitants of the United Kingdom. In addition, the country would be in a position to seek a series of investments to manufacture electric vehicles, batteries and other components.

For it; It will seek to encourage the sale of green vehicles through government incentives and to considerably expand the various recharging points.

In addition, leaders indicated that they will ask the English Executive to request sales quotas from automotive brands in the field of electric vehicles, so that it can sanction those who do not comply with these provisions.

Among other requests, there is the one that can extend these new provisions for trucks, managing to expand to Europe by 2035.

The director of this Federation in that country, Greg Archer; He noted that combustion cars are responsible for more than 60% of UK transport emissions, while trucks are 16%.