UG, at the head of the association of university publishers of Mexico

The University of Guanajuato (UG) will coordinate the National Altexto Network, the most important working group on academic publications in Mexico. The institution will be represented by Elba Margarita Sánchez Rolon, Holder of the Editorial Program of the House of Studies.

With the Work Plan and the Board of Directors’ proposal, Sánchez Rolón It seeks to give continuity to the review of the working groups, which is why the constitution of new commissions that address strategic issues is proposed and where the trajectory and knowledge of more members of the Network can be incorporated to face common challenges.

“The Work Plan is in dialogue with many institutions and will have to be developed from this collaboration with them, in that sense, it is not a personal representation, it is the University of Guanajuato that will be leading and coordinating this Network and therefore also the editorial team that is a great support for this great commitment that we have, ”said Dr. Sánchez Rolón in an interview.

Currently, the Altexto National Network It is a civil association made up of more than fifty institutions throughout the country. Its main objective is to promote and support the activities carried out by the editorial areas of HEIs, as well as represent them before similar national and international organizations; In addition, it supports the distribution and commercialization of published works, facilitates the participation of the institutions that make it up in national and foreign book fairs, creates spaces for dialogue and professionalization of its members, and encourages co-publishing among affiliated institutions.

With the presence of the Editorial Program of the University of Guanajuato in the National Altexto Network, in recent years the strengthening and consolidation of all activities related to editorial work has been achieved, creating conditions for the visibility of book production and the commercialization of printed publications has been promoted.

In addition, the standardization of processes for the selection and evaluation of university and academic books is promoted; Likewise, the training of the staff of the University Publishing Program has been promoted to strengthen their professionalization, which has guaranteed the quality of UG’s editorial products.

In this sense, the new national coordinator considers key “to believe in the importance of books, from the project of this rectory led by Dr. Luis Felipe Guerrero Agripino, who not only has this confidence in books, is also a great reader and that brings the project much closer and from that we managed to grow a dream in this university « .

The work of Dr. Elba Margarita Sánchez Rolón for these next 2 years will be crucial for the consolidation of the Altexto National Network as a civil association, as well as to continue with the projection of the results of the work of the University Publishing Program at the national level, which implies consolidating the positioning of the University of Guanajuato with its editorial peers.