Through social networks, videos of Internet users who claimed to have seen a UFO began to circulate, however this is what their vehicles actually saw to get off and see the object that was in the sky

| 09/15/2020 | ionicons-v5-c11: 46 | Luz Camacho |

New Jersey, U.S.- Videos showing an assumption ‘sighting of UFO‘ It is becoming viral and it is causing great controversy on social networks.

The videos were captured on the evening of Monday, September 14 in New Jersey and they show a strange orb floating in the sky.

The images show the unidentified flying object exactly as you would expect an unidentified flying object to look. flying saucer, like in the movies.

In one of the shared clips, a person is heard saying: « Everyone stopped to see the aliens« .

In the video you can see some drivers traveling on a busy highway in New Jersey, United States, stop their march to get off and record the supposed UFO.

« I don’t know if that’s true or not, but everyone has blocked the road, » one person is heard saying on the recording.

Explanation about the sighting of UFO

What appeared to be a UFO it was actually a dirigible of Goodyear with a neon sign showing a message.

He dirigible It is commonly used to announce sporting events and it seems quite strange to people who are not used to seeing it.

For his part, a Reddit user shared the flight path of the dirigible of Goodyear, right in the places and at the time that the alleged sighting in New Jersey.

Although many are reporting that it was the dirigible of Goodyear, others insist and say they are sure that it was a sighting genuine alien.