UFC: They reveal the disease that McGregor suffers and what was the cause of his fracture

Updated 07/20/2021 – 12:12

A few days ago Conor mcgregor He offered an explanation of the fracture he sustained at UFC 264 against Dustin Poirier, and appealed to ask the UFC president for more details. “The leg is better than ever. I was injured going into the fight. People ask me, ‘When did you break your leg? At what point did your leg break? Ask Dana White, ask UFC, ask Dr. Davidson, the UFC’s chief physician. They knew I had stress fractures in the leg when entering that cage “, assured ‘The Notorious’.

In a recent interview with Fox News, White has confirmed that McGregor’s problems were known before his loss at UFC 264, in has even indicated that the Irish fighter requested permission to bandage his ankles for the fight against ‘The Diamond’, but finally decided not to do it.

“He has had ankle problems for the past few years, and he had asked to have his ankles bandaged before going into this fight. He got clearance. of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, but did not. I chose not to bandage them, I don’t know why “commented the UFC president, who then revealed the cause of McGregor’s problems: “But yes, he has chronic arthritis in his ankles.”.

This disease, according to its symptoms, would be causing pain, swelling, and even loss of range of motion to the fighter, but Conor has expressed that after the operation his problems will be solved: “I needed treatment on my leg and I would never have undergone surgery unless something like this had happened. I got exactly what I needed, which was a titanium pimple. Now I have titanium from knee to ankle and the doctor said it is unbreakable “.

Dana White also spoke of McGregor’s future, that he will be recovering for a long time. “It will take him a year to recover from this before he can go back, so I don’t know. The fighting world is a tough game and Conor has created a huge legacy and made a lot of money, so we’ll see how the rest of his career unfolds, “he said.

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