UFC officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange and became a public company

Octagon of UFC

The leading organization of the MMA took an important step in its growth in the coming years. This Thursday morning, he entered the New York Stock Exchange and it is now officially a public company.

The president of UFC, Dana White made the announcement on her social media.

The first shares were listed EDR and started with a starting value of $ 24 per share.

According to projections, Endeavor, the company that owns the UFC, wait to get up $ 511 million once the shares have their first owners defined.

After the launch, it is said that the actions by UFC They would soon skyrocket and exceed initial expectations.

The announcement of your entry into Wall street comes after UFC would once again have an audience on their billboards. Following a successful comeback last Saturday, the next numbered event will be UFC 262, May 15.