UFC fighter tells how his heart stopped beating, a tremendous story | .

UFC fighter Corey Anderson lost his last knockout fight against Jan Blanchowicz, told a tremendous story in which he lost consciousness in the middle of the forest and was living months of uncertainty and great fear because of this.

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It all started on February 15 of this 2020, several months ago that the American fighter faced the Polish fighter Jan Blachowicz, who lived his last presentation in a UFC octagon.

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It happened in the Santa Ana Star Center, which was completely full, where all that public witnessed the great knockout that they suffered just two minutes after finishing the first round, something surprising for the stellar fight in the semi-complete category.

The 30-year-old fighter recounted what happened next, all because he did not receive good medical attention after the match.

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“On February 21, after my last fight, I passed out and smashed my face into a gravel road after hours exploring a highway. I spent five days in the emergency room doing numerous tests and blood tests to find out what happened, « Anderson revealed on his Facebook beginning a tremendous story.

The fighter saw different doctors: « All but one of them said that they had suffered a concussion from lack of food and water after walking through the forest for hours. But one of them said that my heart had stopped beating and that it could happen again, but the next time would be in a fight, « he said as he tried to assimilate what he is experiencing.

After this news he was going through various hospitals to be checked and went through two outpatient cardiac procedures that are quite painful in his experience.

The fighter wants to continue fighting, despite the fact that a doctor told him that he had to stop his career completely until he found out that his heart was healthy to compete, something that has already happened and is welcome news for everyone.

Finally he gave a tip to his fellow fighters: « Take care of your health and take adequate time to recover. I had to have my son sitting there looking at me in a hospital bed to realize that there is a real life beyond fighting and I want to enjoy it. Fight smart, train smart, but recover and rest smart too! «