We return to the would, could, should … To the strictest conditional. The coronavirus forces us to do this. No one knows if the season will come to an end. No one knows if the stadiums will be filled again. No one knows anything. What does seem clear is that all roads lead to the suspension of the Euro Cup this summer. The calendar does not give to finish the competitions and to be able to arrive at the appointment of selections.


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Albert Gracia

It is one thing or the other and it seems that UEFA is going to decide to close the club section anyway. For this and if the happy coronavirus allows it, the weeks will be crazy, with an infinity of matches to be able to reach what really interests the highest European level: the Champions and the Europa League. Swith the two ‘spoiled girls’. If you can finish the leagues, the better.

But what must be disputed yes or yes – or at least that is UEFA’s thinking – are the two great competitions of the Old Continent. Now you just need to know how. On Tuesday, the 55 federations meet to reach an entente, and the idea that is curdling the most in the last hours is to play both Champions and Europa League in a ‘Final Four’ format. It is a method that is already used in the Euroleague basketball or the Futsal Champions.

It would be a final to four in which the four finalists would play the semifinals and the final to a single match, life or death and in the same venue: Istambul in the case of the Champions and Gdansk in the case of the Europa League. The proposal must be approved by all the federations and by FIFA, which must give up the weeks of the Club World Cup to accommodate Euro 2021. Even so, the ‘Final Four’ is the best argument that exists today to be able to play the final phase of both continental competitions and give space so that the leagues can also end.

All matches in the same venue

This idea would cut weeks to the calendar since, remember, you must still play the rounds of the knockout stages like Barcelona against Napoli or Real Madrid against Manchester City. Once the teams with tickets to the next round were known, the quarters would also be a single match, playing the duel on a neutral field or in one of the two teams by draw. And from there we would go to a ‘Final Four’ that, in times of coronavirus where governments prefer that there is not a large movement or an agglomeration of people, would allow all hobbies to be housed in the same venue and for only four days.

UEFA would put this proposal on the table on Tuesday and now it would be up to the federations to move. If approved, the Champions League and Europa League have many numbers to finish. Otherwise, only an inexplicably rapid improvement in the coronavirus pandemic would allow it. All this, assuming that the Eurocup could be passed to 2021 without problems, thus postponing the Club World Cup.

In short, a whole assumption that Tuesday should take shape now. All devised and written with the conditional because this is strongly ordered by the COVID-19 virus. That he lets us enjoy soccer now.