The UEFA It will provide an update on plans to end the 2019-20 season to its 55 national associations in a video conference to be held tomorrow, Tuesday.

The governing body of European football expects to end the campaign in August, although there are doubts about whether that deadline can be met. The UEFA It has launched two working groups, one that specifically evaluates the match schedule.

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Specific proposals are expected to be submitted no later than mid-May. However, continued uncertainty about the spread of the coronavirus is creating major problems, with some leagues, including Germany and Denmark, optimistically speaking about a resumption next month, while others, including England, they think it will be June as soon as possible, and some clubs in the Premier League they feel it will be longer than that.

The UEFA he still hopes to complete his own tournaments in the normal format. However, there is an understanding that this may not be possible, so unique games and a weeklong mini tournament starting with the quarterfinals for the Champions League and the League of Europe.

Tuesday’s meeting will be followed Thursday by a meeting of the executive committee of the UEFA. You are expected to provide an update on the European Women’s Championship and the League of nations, which have been moved to allow the Euro 2020 take place a year after schedule, plus plans to relax financial regulations this season.

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In addition, it is anticipated, the UEFA will confirm that you will hear requests to end the national leagues ahead of time. He previously warned against this, saying that countries risk their places in next season’s European competitions.