Changes are coming in the two great continental competitions for the next season. According to the British newspaper ‘The Times’, UEFA is considering reducing the previous rounds of both the Champions League and the Europa League or, at least, that these qualifying rounds are played in a single match and on neutral ground. The fact that the current edition of both competitions is going to end in August means that these tournaments start the next campaign at the earliest in mid-October, and with a Euro Cup in sight (it will start on June 12) the most convenient thing is to reduce number of meetings.


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Another option

UEFA, always according to the British rotative, also plays with an alternative to reduce the number of previous qualifiers, five in each competition with round-trip matches. The highest body of European football has in mind that only the last round is played in both competitions, the one corresponding to the league champions with the highest coefficient. The other teams would be prevented from competing in the European competitions, but in exchange they would receive financial compensation.

In the case of the Champions League, this last option could be valued, since 24 of its 32 participants are automatically classified. The problem is found in the Europa League, where only 17 teams have direct access and the rest come from the previous rounds.

This is the case of the seventh ranked player in the Spanish league, who must play three heats before qualifying for the group stage of the continental tournament. A plan with loose ends in an unexpected situation that has ruined all sports schedules.