UEFA is studying a plan B in case the coronavirus pandemic gets out of control again. The highest body of European football has on the table a sketch of a Champions League with four game windows and several fixed venues where the matches would be played. UEFA’s goal is to save teams traveling, avoid bureaucratic procedures for the entry of players into countries and offer a secure framework that the competition will be played in this season conditioned by the coronavirus.

It is no coincidence that the Champions League teams that are still in contention He has been prevented from returning home to prevent infections and save a lot of PCRs. PSG, if it were to be champion of the Champions League, would spend a total of 12 days concentrated in the city of Lisbon this being a first step for the alternative proposal they drive for the next season.

Because UEFA knows that until there is a reliable vaccine, it is difficult for football to return as we all know it. There are many lucrative contracts at stake and not holding matches is not an option for the amount of millions that are at stake and that sustain a large part of the economy of the participating clubs. The body led by Ceferin has the upper hand in this matter and can put teams in a dilemma that may have to choose between their domestic leagues and European tournaments if they decided to take this extreme measure.

The idea they have on the table are four game windows. In the first two the group stages would be played, in the third the eighth and quarterfinals and in the last a kind of Final Four. This possibility gives the possibility of compressing the competition to just over a month ensuring the celebration of a European Championship that leaves a juicy income in UEFA and that they cannot afford to cancel it once again.

A practice already used in lower categories

UEFA already performs this practice in the qualifications for both Under-19 and Under-17 Europeans. The preliminary rounds and the Elite Rounds, where it is decided which teams play the Final Phase of the tournament, They are played in a four-team league format in a single venue.

The plan is being studied and to a large extent its future will depend on how things turn out in Lisbon. If there are no positives in the Portugal bubble and the sponsors don’t complain excessively, UEFA will explore this path to save the world’s most important club competition. Some clubs have already given the go-ahead for bubbles, as long as their income is secured.