The UEFA It is still working to try to solve the problem of calendars in the event that competitions can be resumed after the coronavirus crisis. The Union of European Football Associations remains relatively optimistic about being able to end the season even a few months ahead of schedule, and its efforts are focused on planning that scenario.

In these, UEFA has reserved a date for the national cup finals to be played of all its member federations, the next Wednesday, August 5. Thus, if the Covid-19 health alert allows it, the grand final of the Copa del Rey between Real Sociedad and Athletic Club it would be held that day at La Cartuja in Seville. The RFEF, which would already have proof of that date proposed by Ceferin and his team, must take into account in that case the high temperatures that the city of Seville registers in the middle of summer.

The intention is that it be open door

At the moment, this is the day reserved for that Basque final of the Copa del Rey to be held, always attending to health recommendations and depending on the evolution of the coronavirus crisis, which seems to go little by little in our country. UEFA understands that this date is favorable because they also see it feasible that these finals can play with the public, at the open door, something important and very to take into account when setting the date for that Real Sociedad-Athletic.

«One of the things that we can do most for fans of the Real and Athletic is to be able to play the Cup and open door. What happens is that playing at the open door, again it will not be a decision of the Federation, which in this case has the rights of the Cup, neither of the League nor of UEFA nor of the clubs; It will be a decision of the health authorities, “said the president of the Real Sociedad recently, a Jokin Aperribay who hopes that the final can be played with the public, the same wish as that of his Athletic rivals.