UEFA, the highest federative body of European football, came to the attention of the information published this past Monday by the British newspaper ‘The Times’ in which it was assured that the schedule of the next editions of the Champions and Europe could be lightened League.


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Sources of the UEFA assured this Tuesday, in relation to the information of the British newspaper, that “the UEFA has never considered depriving national champions of their genuine right to attempt to achieve qualification through performance on the field for the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. “

In the same statement, he added: “UEFA wishes to clarify that currently it is limited to supervising the evolution of the situation and any possible impact on the format of the qualifying rounds for next year’s club competitions. To date, no specific options have been developed for the classification format for European club competitions. “

According to the plan advanced from the United Kingdom and which has been questioned by UEFA itself, the option of playing the qualifying rounds before a single match on a neutral playing field would be being considered. Along the same lines, the alternative of playing only the final round and financially compensating the classified teams but who cannot play the previous qualifying rounds would have been considered.

It is this point that UEFA most strongly qualifies, ensuring its will that the rankings are achieved by competing, as well as aspects that would derive from a variation in the competition such as the fact of resorting to neutral or eliminatory fields to a single match.

In principle, and in the absence of knowing the final resolution of the 2019/20 competitions based on the evolution of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, UEFA wanted to curb speculation about future editions of its international competitions.