The Medical Committee of the UEFA estimated on Wednesday that it is “possible” to think about a resumption of soccer competitions, currently interrupted by the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

That opinion from the organization that runs European football comes a day after the president of the French Football Federation (FFF), Noel Le GraĆ«t, considered on Tuesday that the French first and second division league 2019-2020 was “definitely suspended “, after the measures announced by the government of his country for the coming months.

“Fully respecting local legislation, it is surely possible to foresee a resumption of suspended competitions during the 2019-2020 season, “estimated German professor Tim Meyer, Chairman of the UEFA Medical Committee, quoted in a statement.

“All organizations thinking of a resumption of their competitions they will supply a complete protocol detailing the sanitary and operational conditions to ensure that the health of those involved is protected “, Meyer added.

On Tuesday, the chairman of the FIFA Medical Commission, Belgian Michel D’Hooghe, claimed to be “very skeptical” about a return from the competition, in an interview with the BBC.

“The situation is different in each country, the peak has not been reached in all places at the same time, so today, April 28, we are not ready to return to the competitions of soccer“said this doctor, a former member of the FIFA Executive Committee and former president of the Belgian Football Federation.

The Dutch league has now been officially suspended and the Belgian league could follow the same path.

By cons, There are countries where training has resumed and others where they will do so in the coming days. For example, the clubs of the Spanish League will be able to resume “basic training” from May 4.