UEFA launches investigation against Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus

The UEFA confirmed this Wednesday the start of a disciplinary investigation for a possible violation of its legal framework by the Real Madrid, Barcelona and the Juventus in relation to the so-called project of the “Super league“.

“In accordance with article 31 (4) of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations, the UEFA Ethics and Discipline Inspectors have been appointed today to carry out a disciplinary investigation in relation to a possible violation of the UEFA legal framework by part of Real Madrid CF, FC Barcelona and Juventus FC in relation to the so-called Superliga project, “the agency said in a brief statement.

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Said article, “Ethics and Discipline Inspectors”, indicates in point 4 that “the UEFA Executive Committee, the UEFA President, the UEFA General Secretary and the disciplinary bodies may commission ethics and discipline inspectors to carry out investigations, either alone or in cooperation with other UEFA bodies or UEFA bodies. “

On the 7th, UEFA already advanced that it was going to refer the case of the three clubs that have not resigned from the SuperLiga, the Spanish Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and the Italian Juventus, to the competent bodies, after approving reintegration measures for the nine others who initially joined the initiative and then withdrew.

Arsenal, Milan, Chelsea, Atlético de Madrid, Inter Milan, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur are the clubs covered by the integration measures that they accepted, after acknowledging that the Superliga project was a mistake and asking apologies to the fans, the national leagues and federations, the rest of the European clubs and UEFA.

In a “spirit of reconciliation and for the good of European football”, these nine clubs recognized that the project would not have been authorized by the UEFA Statutes and Regulations “and committed themselves to UEFA club competitions as well as to national club competitions.

After this, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus de Turin denounced “pressure” and “threats” from UEFA for the creation of the Super League and recalled that the courts have already ruled on “any action that could penalize the founding clubs.

They also recalled that “the courts have already ruled on the Super League project, ordering FIFA and UEFA, emphatically, to refrain while the judicial procedure is being processed, from taking any action that could penalize the founding clubs”, in allusion to the order of the Commercial Court number 17 of Madrid on April 20.

Said court upheld the request for a precautionary measure and ordered UEFA and FIFA to refrain from taking any measure or action during the processing of the main proceedings and from issuing any statement or communication that directly or indirectly prevents or hinders the preparation of the Super League and the participation of clubs and players in it.

The court also prohibited both from announcing, threatening to prepare, initiate and / or adopt “any sanctioning or disciplinary measure against the participating clubs, their players and managers.”

The order orders UEFA and FIFA to refrain from excluding clubs and / or players participating in the preparation of the Super League from any international or national club competition in which they regularly participate or meet the necessary requirements to do it.

Before its operative part, the court order states that “there is an appearance of good law around the actions taken by the plaintiff, under the founding treaty of the EU (articles 101 and 102), for violation of free competition and for the abuse of a dominant position exercised by FIFA and UEFA in the internal market for the organization of football competitions

“The precautionary measures requested are proportionate and suitable to guarantee the protection that is sought in the main proceedings, avoiding the actions of FIFA and UEFA that would prevent the protection that could be granted in a possible judgment,” he adds.

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