Adriano Galliani is upset with UEFA’s imposition to finish the leagues before August 2. The owner of the Monza, a Serie C team, has expressed concern that the championships cannot be completed, as it could lead to some very large losses to minor teams.

04/30/2020 at 21:06


The Government, CONI, FIGC and Lega Serie A are not agreeing in the dates to return to soccer, but he does not think that the problem is this, but UEFA’s obligation of “finish all league competitions before the marked date to make room in August pso that the Champions League and Europa League can be played “. And, in September, start again as if nothing had happened.

According to Adriano, they should have done case to FIFA and end the season from September: “With the start of 2021, I would have started another season, since health is the most important thing.” That yes, warns that if Spain, England and Germany, the three competing leagues in Italy, resume the competition, “we run the risk of not being as competitive as them”.

This problem is due to loss of millions that would lead to a suspension from football. In Italy, around “5,000 million euros among all teams”. But for him it is only possible “play the Italian leagues if done in parallel with European competitions”.