In case of suspension of the national championships due to the pandemic of coronavirus, places in European club competitions should be attributed “according to sporting merits”, estimated this Thursday UEFA.

“If domestic competitions are terminated prematurely for legitimate reasons …UEFA I would ask (the leagues) to select the clubs for the competitions of the UEFA 2020/21 based on sporting merits “this season, added the European body after a video conference meeting of its executive committee.

The procedure for selecting the clubs classified for the Champions League and for the Europa League It should “be based on objective, transparent and non-discriminatory criteria”, estimated the UEFA, which defends at the same time “finish the national competitions currently suspended”.

While hopes remain that the championships may still be completed, the UEFA considers that if in the end the leagues ended now and the current rankings were considered as good, they would be used to decide the tickets for Champions League and Europa League.

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The announcement comes when several countries fear an early end to their football seasons, due to the confinements imposed by the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier this week, the Dutch soccer federation announced the possibility of the season now ending, after the government’s decision to extend the ban on meetings until September due to the pandemic of the coronavirus.

The Belgian league will decide next week whether to end its season with its current classification, declaring champion of the Witches, while the Scottish can do the same. Instead, the Bundesliga German hopes to restart the competition on May 9.