The situation generated around the Coronavirus virus has raised an enormous question about whether some matches from the two continental competitions, the Champions League and the Europa League, will finally be able to be played.. Starting with Inter Milan – Getafe this Thursday in Italian lands or the Barcelona- Naples next Wednesday at the Camp Nou.


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But the first and most immediate is in the commitment of Getafe tomorrow morning and after Angel Torres, president of Getafe, made it clear last night that the Madrid club is not going to fly to Italian lands. Late last night AFE was again releasing a statement in favor of also suspending matches in European competitions as before with the Spanish league.

And what would happen in case UEFA do not suspend the game or move it to another place? Well, the current UEFA Disciplinary Code includes in its article 27 that the non-appearance of one of the teams means giving the game for lost by 3-0. ButIn addition, and within the specific regulations of the Europa League, this would mean his disqualification from the competition as well as a fine of close to 175,000 euros.

In cases of non-appearance in the Champions League, the amount amounts to 350,000 and can reach 500,000 euros. Something that could happen at Futbol Club Barcelona – Naples, as long as the Italian team did not appear and UEFA had not previously decreed the suspension.

Disciplinary decision that is always the responsibility of the UEF Control, Ethics and Discipline CommitteeA. But as SPORT has learned, if the Getafe or any other affected club decided to resort to an Appeal and ultimately to the TAS, it would have all the options to win the procedure. Especially before the Swiss Court of Sport.

Because we are facing an exceptional situation, which transcends purely sports. A cause of force majeure that makes it impossible for the Madrid club to travel to Italy, more taking into account the situation in which the transalpine country finds itself. We will now see what decision UEFA itself takes in these qualifying rounds affected by the exceptional situation of the Coronavirus.