UEFA has denied, according to the Gazzetta, who has decided to restart the Champions League on August 7, as announced by the president of Lyon, Jean-Michel Aulas. The football organization is waiting to see how the health crisis caused by the coronavirus evolves; The date indicated by the head of the French club is just one of the possibilities that are currently contemplated.

05/10/2020 at 16:28



Aulas advanced that the confrontation against Juventus, corresponding to the return of the round of 16 that should be played in Turin, already had a date, on August 7. The French president regretted that the Bianconeri team was going to have an advantage since Ligue 1 has been terminated and Series A points to its resumption soon. Cristiano Ronaldo’s team would come with a certain advantage, more shot than Lyon, Aulas lamented.

UEFA, the Italian newspaper advances, has denied that the decision was made. It is true that the organism contemplates several possibilities and one, effectively, would be to resume the Champions League in early August; But before making a final decision, the picture must be much clearer. What will be the evolution of the pandemic? it is, for example, one of the questions that must; Will all the domestic competitions have ended? Is another question that currently has no answer.

In the coming weeks there will be more arguments to limit the resumption or not of the Champions League. The Bundesliga is due to return next weekend with the goal of ending before June 30, but the Covid-19 positives found in some players create more uncertainty.

“Nothing has been decided, nothing at all,” said a UEFA spokesman. August 7 is, right now, a possibility … just a possibility.