UEFA celebrates the use of VAR in the European Championship


Hopefully the judges continue to score more penalties in major soccer tournaments in the age of the video assistant referee (VAR).

The Increase in penalty shots at the European Championship was approved on Friday by UEFA’s chief referee in an evaluation of the judges’ work mid-tournament.

The Record numbers at Euro 2020 carry the same trend as at the 2018 World Cup, where the video assistant referees premiered in the most important football competition.

One of the key points in the increase in penalties, of course, has to do with the use of VAR, ”said Robert Rosetti, UEFA’s chief referee in an online briefing.

The 14 penalties scored so far in the 36 matches of Euro 2020 exceed the 13 decreed in the group stage of the past three editions, in a total of 84 games.

Of the total penalties scored in Euro 2020, five were not originally flagged by the referees. Decisions were made after review with the help of video monitoring at UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland.


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