UEFA is also making an arbitration ruling very comprehensive monitoring all European referees enjoy international status. As the CTA is performing in the arbitration establishment in Spain.

04/16/2020 at 12:21


A work carried out by the arbitration department chaired by Roberto Rosetta since confinement began in the vast majority of countries in Europe and once the competitions, both national and European, were suspended.

The last thing UEFA has done is send a match to all the referees, both main and VAR. The same meeting for all members and from which they must make an exhaustive analysis. And where they must compute all the successes and errors that they consider to occur in it. A job very similar to that performed by the refereeing delegates of the Champions League and the Europa League. In this way UEFA has a global evaluation of all the referees.

Also from UEFA they are permanently sending video tests with different game situations and where they must adopt a technical and disciplinary decision. And this exhaustive control is completed with a training plan to be able to perform at home and allow them to be in the best physical condition.

It should be remembered that right now they are ten Spanish referees who enjoy international status. Tres are part of the elite group of the highest level. They are Jesús Gil Manzano, Mateu Lahoz and Del Cerro Grande. The first is the great candidate to be in the Qatar World Cup representing Spain while Mateu and Del Cerro are chosen from UEFA for the next Euro Cup. In the case of the Madrid international, he has also been summoned for the last FIFA course held in Portugal with a view to the Qatar World Cup.

Estrada Fernández and Sánchez Martínez are currently in the First group. The representation is completed by Munuera Martínez, Hernández Hernández, Munuera Montero, De Burgos Bengoechea and Cuadra Fernández. Both of the First group as well as three of the remaining five (Munuera Martínez, Hernández, De Burgos Bengoechea) have many options to go to the Euro 2021 as VAR referees.