The teacher of the University of Castilla-La Macha (UCLM) Fausto Pedro García Márquez is one of the new signings of the scientific committee of AI4People, the initiative that could be translated by “Artificial intelligence for people”And that works on the definition of principles, policies and practices that enable the development of ethical and responsible artificial intelligence. García Márquez, professor of Business Organization at the Ciudad Real School of Industrial Engineering, He will be the only Spanish representative in a group in which there are other professors from British, Norwegian or Italian universities. This scientific committee will collaborate with MEPs and heads of European corporations to facilitate the regulation of artificial intelligence by the European Comission.

The AI4People It has defined seven strategic lines on which to establish its roadmap: mobility, banking and finance, health, legal services, the insurance sector, technology and media and energy. The teacher of the UCLM He will be in the latter group and from there he will participate in the work sessions organized for this year, which will start in early March with a meeting with the President of the European Commission. Ursula Von der Leyen.

This multi-sectoral forum constitutes one of the most ambitious initiatives in the European Institute of Science, Media and Democracy, Atomium. Founded by the former French president Valéry Gisgard d’Estaing –Which continues as honorary president- this organization has among its members other institutional representatives such as the one who was head of the Spanish Government Felipe González Márquez, and works for the development of a knowledge society in Europe encouraging the increase of cooperation and institutional dialogue and interest in science.

Professor García Márquez assumes the challenge as “a great opportunity to continue learning and sharing the experience in class and my research activity”.

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