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In recent weeks, several Ubisoft members have been accused of various types of harassment, including sexual harassment. Ubisoft Forward will be held today, an event in which the company plans to raise the hype for its upcoming releases. Some thought that it would have been an important gesture to recognize the situation at the event and point out that they are already working on behalf of the victims. However, Ubisoft prefers to keep quiet about it.

Through a statement on social networks, Ubisoft notified that it will not discuss its cases of harassment in Ubisoft Forward. The company’s justification is that it is a prerecorded event, despite the fact that the accusations began to circulate several weeks ago.

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“Ubisoft Forward comes in a moment with significant internal changes. Since all of the content was prerecorded, we want to recognize that the issues we are currently facing will not be addressed directly on the show. We have important work to do and we are committed to this process. We will give more information soon, « Ubisoft said in its statement.

Ubisoft’s stance annoyed the gaming community

As you can imagine, Ubisoft’s stance did not go unnoticed in the gaming world. In fact, several community members criticized Ubisoft for deciding to shut up such an important issue to a degree that it appears to want to protect its marketing event before standing up for its affected employees.

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“Harassment allegations have been circulating for weeks. Is there no time to add a mention? This approach, unless you’re not taking something into account, amounts to separating the company’s troubles from its biggest show of the year. We’ll see if live chat cooperates, « said Stephen Totilo, editor-in-chief of Kotaku. « Not explicitly mentioning something – or making the effort – is sending a message of your own style. Something that the top management of Ubisoft have not understood for a long time. Or maybe they understand it perfectly. ”

For his part, Imran Khan, former editor of GameInformer and co-host at Kinda Funny, pointed out that yesterday’s moves were only a measure to avoid criticism at Ubisoft Forward: “Yesterday’s resignations were a concentrated effort to take care of this before they got criticism for not handling this at their most public marketing event. I guess what follows is to see how they handle it later, if they do. ”

Criticism of Ubisoft’s lukewarm stance was not only heard within the realms of the video game press. If you review the comments to the statement you will see that there are criticisms from people who say that Ubisoft could without problems record another video talking about the subject and edit it in its presentation. Also, there are those who believe that this is a measure by the distributor to hide what is happening and prevent more people from learning about their internal practices.

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