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Ubisoft Forward will take place in a few minutes, a presentation in which Ubisoft will share details about its upcoming releases. To promote this event, the company promised to give copies of Watch_Dogs 2 to those who saw it. However, in the end everything is going wrong and people have trouble claiming their game.

According to Ubisoft, to be able to claim the free copy of Watch_Dogs 2 to those who watch at least a minute of Ubisoft Forward from any of its official channels. Then it was necessary to log in to the company site with the Ubisoft account where you would like to receive the game.

So far so good, the problem is that several users have complained that the Ubisoft mechanics do not work for various reasons. One of the main ones is that, within minutes of the event starting, the Ubisoft website is not working and people have no opportunity to login. On the other hand, there are users who have been banned temporarily – among them snout from the LEVEL UP community on Discord – for trying to log in to Uplay.

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It should be mentioned that this situation has not only affected those who want to claim a free copy of Watch_Dogs 2. What happens is that the errors of Uplay have spread to such a degree that users who only want to log in to play cannot do it either.

Complaints to Ubisoft do not end there

That’s not the only problem Ubisoft has faced. What happens is that in the transmission they decided to give away Uplay codes for content from their games. As you can imagine, these are keys that players had to quickly detect and go to redeem.

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The problem with the situation is that Ubisoft is blocking the account of people who try to enter various codes and fail. Thus, users who are trying to win some of them end up being punished by a mechanic that the same distributor organized.

As a cherry on the cake we have the fact that the only users who can participate in Ubisoft’s Twitch chat are those who have been subscribed to it for at least 24 hours. Sadly, Ubisoft did not report this effectively and several were left without the opportunity to be a part. The good news is, as long as you have your Twitch account linked to your Uplay account, you should get your rewards with no problem.

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