The Superintendency of Industry and Commerce had ordered Uber in December to cease operations on the grounds that it violated the rules that regulate the market

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A court of Colombia reversed a decision by a judge who ordered late last year to Uber suspend its operations service public passenger transport in the country arguing unfair competition.

The Superintendency of Industry and Commerce had ordered in December to Uber Technologies and Uber Colombia cease operations after a demand from the communications and transport company Cotech S.A. for considering that it violated the norms that regulate the market.

But in the court’s opinion, the plaintiff filed the complaint out of time at the time of the alleged irregularity of Uber.

After the cessation of operations ordered by the SIC, Uber restarted operations in the country on February 20 with a new model of service vehicle rental with driver.

« We must remember that the situation of digital platforms in the provision of this type of service is a regulatory issue that must be resolved by law, » said the superintendent of Industry and Commerce, Andrés Barreto.

Uber, which has registered more than 2 million users and 88 thousand drivers in Colombia, celebrated the court’s decision.