For Uber It is essential that the transfer services remain active so, in addition to their communication strategy and safety and hygiene protocol with which they work together with the driving partners, it will now require the help of customers.

On Tuesday a new plan was unveiled that will start running in various cities in the United States in order to motivate passengers to disinfect the back seat to help fight the coronavirus.

A collaborative marketing action

This plan is possible thanks to Uber’s strategic alliance with Clorox, with which they will distribute hundreds of thousands of cans of wipes from the cleaning supplies company to drivers so that this product is available to customers.

The San Francisco, California-based company said that among the cities in which this initiative will be implemented are Atlanta, Chicago and New York and in total will be distributed 600 thousand cans of disinfecting towels, but they will continue to be distributed some 200 thousand more boats per month.

According to Uber, the products are so that drivers can have the necessary supplies to clean their vehicles, but it will also be recommending and asking customers to support this process on their trips by disinfecting before and after they travel.

“As we navigate a new normal and cities continue to reopen, we want all Uber users to travel with confidence. That starts with clean cars. (…) « Cleaning is a shared responsibility and passengers should also make an effort to disinfect frequently touched areas in the rear of the car to help create a cleaner environment for them, the driver and the next passenger, » he explained. the company in a blog post.

Urges you not to miss any more trips

Uber is one of the companies that has embarked on a robust communication strategy in different markets where it has a presence to project confidence in users to return to travel in their vehicles, remember that they registered a decrease in between 60 and 70 percent in travel demand, something that impacted its first quarter financial report.

The company hoped that this would be reversed little by little as different cities join the « new normal. » However, infections in the United States have rebounded again, so far there was a record of more than 2.5 million confirmed cases and more than 125 thousand deaths.

But, despite the situation, many entities maintain the processes of reactivation of the economy and mobility, however this does not mean that people regain the confidence to leave social distancing measures, for which Uber seeks through marketing and communication, projecting a message of confine and being implementing everything in their power to ensure the safety and health of both drivers and customers.