The company could close the operation this week, which would strengthen Uber’s position in the food delivery sector.

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New York, USA- Uber is negotiating the acquisition from the American firm of home food delivery Postmates for about 2,600 million dollars, as reported on Tuesday by . Dow Jones, citing sources familiar with the operation.

The acquisitionAccording to those same sources, it could be announced next week or sooner, but there are no guarantees that the discussions will come to fruition.

The purchase would strengthen the position of Uber in the food delivery sector, where the transport platform has an important position through Uber Eats.

This year, Uber He tried unsuccessfully to get hold of Grubhub, another company in the sector, but his offer was surpassed by Just Eat, which ended up paying more than 7,000 million for the operation.

PostmatesMeanwhile, he has been negotiating with potential buyers since at least last year and, in parallel, he has been planning an IPO.

The company, according to sources, is preparing to announce a public offering of shares in the coming days, with a view to its stock market debut this summer, after having chosen to postpone it last winter in view of the complications in the market for the « startups » after the failure of WeWork in its landing on Wall Street.

Founded in 2011 and based in San Francisco, Postmates It is the smallest of the large companies in the home food delivery in United States.

The company has raised more than $ 900 million in financing from investors and in 2019 was valued at about $ 2.4 billion, according to PitchBook.

The sector of the home food delivery It has triggered its activity with the pandemic, but many companies continue to lose money or barely cover expenses, so they appear to be opting for consolidation in order to combine forces and reduce costs.