Uber is misogynistic, according to tech journalist

By Laurie segall

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) – The tech journalist at the center of the latest Uber controversy has a clear message: both Uber and its CEO need to be held accountable.

This has been a difficult week for the tech giant, which is in question due to comments made by its Senior Vice President of Business, Emil Michael. Last week at a dinner party, he hinted that the dirty laundry should be taken out in the sun from journalists who had criticized Sarah Lacy’s ride-sharing service, specifically.

Lacy, founder and editor of the technology blog PandoDaily, has been extremely critical of Uber.

“Since 2012, I have really been concerned about the growing culture of misconduct at Uber, which is never given due attention to,” he told CNNMoney. “It seems that the board of directors and investors are afraid of Travis Kalanick [Director Ejecutivo]. In reality, nobody is responsible for this company.

Despite Kalanick apologizing on Twitter and disapproving of the executive’s attitude for his comments, she said that was simply not enough.

Lacy commented that the way Uber has dealt with reports of assaults by women who use the service, and also a recent promotion offering free rides with beautiful women, are examples of the “frightening and growing pattern of misogyny” at Uber. .

“One of the reasons this is so scary is that this is one of the most valuable private companies in Silicon Valley,” he added.

The company was recently valued at $ 18 billion, and one of the Silicon Valley investors said that people with Uber interests turn a blind eye because the company is doing well.

“I think more than anything else, they have a ‘win at all costs’ culture,” this investor, who has no stake in Uber, told CNNMoney and asked not to be identified. “In a way, I’d say that’s why entrepreneurs win, but I think Uber has crossed that line.”

Uber did not respond when asked to comment on Lacy’s remarks.