Uber introduces a new safety feature: audio recording

In the search to generate a greater sense of security, Uber implements audio recording in its units in Chile.

Peace of mind and user safety comes first for Uber. The transport vehicle company will implement, from this year, the audio recording in its units in Chile.

This tool will allow users and driving partners to record conversations during trips with the application. The audio can be used for the reports, in case the passengers may feel uncomfortable on the road.

The report is sent to Uber’s 24/7 Support Team.

But how is this new function of the transport vehicle network used?

This is how the audio tool is used in Uber Chile

As the company explains in a statement, the user can locate the option in the Security Center, a blue shield on the main screen of the app. When the trip ends, the user or the driving partner can report any incident by attaching the recording file.

The function is necessary in rare cases about problems between the driver and the passenger.

Eduardo Reyes is Director of Safety Communications for Latin America, and explained Uber’s objective with this tool.

« We want to help Uber trips run smoothly », he claimed. « The audio is an additional resource so that, in the event of receiving an incident report, we can understand what happened and take the appropriate measures. »

« The audio file remains encrypted on the device, » Reyes said. « Our Support Team can only listen to your content if the user or driving partner chooses to share it as part of a report. »

Reyes added that the recording cannot be heard on the device of either party nor can it be shared with third parties.

The ultimate goal is « to raise the security standard through constant investment, development and testing of technological solutions. »