U.S. Pup interrupts live show broadcast

Millennium Digital

Mexico City / 02.20.2021 10:58:11

There is no doubt that pets do not hesitate to surprise us, especially when it comes to puppies that when star in some scene is full of tenderness, this was what happened in a live broadcast while the host Bob Barnard I was doing a weather report on a street in Virginia, United States.

It all happened when Bob Barnard, host of Fox 5 channel, was taking a tour of one of the streets of Lessburg, Virginia locality in the United States that has been affected by heavy snowfalls that have occurred in some parts of the country.

The driver was walking down a street to report snowfall, as well as offering to clean the windshields of some cars thate were covered in snow, so valued was his action that a man even offered him a few dollars to clean his car.

Everything seemed very quiet on the live stream when suddenly Bob Barnard had to make a little interruption since from one moment to another he observed that a puppy was running towards him, so he did not hesitate to carry and protect him.

For this reason, Borb Barnad decided to comment on the air that he was surprised by the sudden appearance of the cub, but apparently he had run away from home. The little dog showed its appreciation to the man by licking his face.

Nevertheless, It was not long until a teenager came out of one of the houses and went for the puppy, at that moment Bob Barnard He asked him what the puppy’s name was, so he replied that it was Pierogi.

Immediately eThe driver returned his pet to the teenager who was grateful to him since the puppy had left his house without prior notice. If Bob Barnard hadn’t been there at the time, probably the puppy he would be lost and cold before the snowfalls that hit the state of Virginia.