Tyrannosaurs were social animals, according to a study

Investigation Development

The research team also had the collaboration of scientists from the United States Office of Land Management, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Colby College University (United States) and James Cook University (Australia) . Also, according to the researchers, up to five tyrannosaurs have been found in the same area, indicating that the group died together. Thus, as research progressed, scientists discovered that dinosaurs died in groups during a seasonal flood event.

In addition, using carbon and oxygen isotope analysis, as well as concentrations of elements from the earth within bones and rocks, the researchers found a chemical footprint of the site. Therefore, they concluded the fossils found belonged to the same area and that they had not been dragged from other places.

On the other hand, in addition to tyrannosaurs, they also found seven different species of turtles, numerous species of fish and two other types of dinosaurs, although apparently they did not all die together as happened with tyrannosaurs. Now, researchers are focused on analyze the bones of tyrannosaurs, to determine with a greater degree of certainty the social behavior of these curious dinosaurs.

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