Typhoon and heat threaten to reduce Olympic tournament to 54 holes

Nelly Korda, during the first day of the Olympic Games.

The alarms go off in the women’s golf tournament. Asia’s volatile weather forecast in the summer months can play a trick on female players competing for medals on the course East of the Kasumigaseki Country Club. Specifically, the radar has announced the possibility that a typhoon will strike next Saturday Tokyo and therefore prevent you from playing golf. The threat is powerful and very serious, to the point that those responsible for the tournament have been handling some alternatives in view of the fact that the last day cannot be played.

The first measure that has been put on the table is to play 27 holes on Thursday and another 27 holes on Friday, that is, to concentrate the last 54 holes that are missing in just two days. The players were for the work, but the medical team that is responsible for ensuring the health of the athletes of the women’s tournament has not authorized it. With the heat it is doing in Tokyo and the high humidity index they ensure that the players would suffer a too harsh punishment. It would be taking a risk that they are not willing, especially since today there have been two fainting spells on the field, the first was from the caddy of Lexi Thompson and the second has been one of the assistants of the selections. Thus, the solution of playing 27 holes Thursday and Friday has been ruled out, at least for now, since there is the possibility that it will be reconsidered if the temperatures and humidity gave a truce.

Thus, without the possibility of playing more than 18 holes in the day and with the threat of the typhoon on Saturday, right now we must bear in mind the option that the Olympic tournament is reduced to 54 holes, so the second and the third round takes on even more importance. You have to get upstairs from tomorrow, as this possibility exists.

All pending the radar in Tokyo and the decision of the tournament doctors.

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