Tyler the Creator debuts new music in Coca-Cola ad

Tyler The Creator Has New Collaboration With Coca-Cola | Courtesy

Tyler The Creator has partnered with Coca-Cola to put on the soundtrack from the latest commercial from the soft drink giant.

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The latest project from the leader of Odd future sees him providing a joyous soundtrack for the short clip, that explores the energy impact of the drink in several different people.

In announcing the collaboration, Tyler tweeted: “I GIVEN YOU COCA-COLA WITH ALL THE SOUNDS FOR THIS =)”

In a series of follow-up tweets, he clarified that « That’s me playing the flute at the beginning » Y « The drums are fucking strong, the bottom end is shaking », before thanking Coca Cola for allowing you to have creative freedom on the project.

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The collaboration of Tyler with Coca-Cola occurs after it was recently associated with Brent Faiyaz for the new song « Gravity. »