Tycoon offers a million dollars to anyone who can answer a single question

From an early age, businessman Robert Bigelow maintained a restless interest in anomalous events such as UFOs and life after death.

| 01/22/2021 | ionicons-v5-c21: 40 | – Israel Rubio |

A millionaire Las Vegas businessman in the United States is willing to give more than 1 million dollars to people who can answer a single question.

He millionaire In question, Robert Bigelow, 75, who made his fortune in the real estate market, runs a hotel and aerospace business.

His fortune has allowed him to fund aerospace companies to pursue his interests, such as the design and construction of inflatable habitats for NASA astronauts.

Bigelow has launched a contest for those who can answer whether there is a « possibility of survival of human consciousness beyond bodily death. » All kinds of serious and experienced researchers can participate in the application process open until February 28.

For scientists trained in the field of neurology and psychology, it is possible to present a 25mio-word thesis on the subject until August 1.

The winner will be announced on November 1. The first place will receive 500 thousand dollars, the second 300 thousand and the third 150 thousand.