Ty the Tasmanian Tiger HD it is already available to acquire in the eShop from Nintendo Switch. At first it was announced that the day would come March 31st, but finally, it has taken a few more days for it to be published, at least in Europe, since the United States did arrive on the last day of March.

These days, the study after the title Krome Studios, through your account Twitter, has been solving some doubts of his followers. Among which stands out, one made by the user of said social network, Eric brady, in which he consults the study about whether the other games in the saga would be remasteredin addition to if there are plans to edit the games on Format physical.

TY 2 and TY 3 – We would like to and they’re pretty much ready to port since the PC HD ones are done. But to be totally honest it’s still going to depend on how well the first one goes.

Physical – None planned but not out of the question if it sells well.

Same old story

– Krome Studios (@kromestudios) March 10, 2020

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The response of Krome Studios has been clear, they would like to relaunch the remastered versions of Ty the Tasmanian Tiger two Y 3, since the PC ports are already made, but what It depends totally how this first installment works in sales. On the other hand, regarding the launch of the game in Physical format, comment that in principle there are no plans, but that not ruled out if the game sells well.

Finally, for those of you who don’t know the game, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger it’s a title of platforms, which went on sale in the year 2002 for Game Cube, Xbox Y Playstation 2. As we can guess by its name, the protagonist is a Tasmanian Tiger, whose objective will be to free his family and eliminate the wicked Boss Cass. We can explore 17 levelsset in the lands of Australia, where we will have an arsenal of boomerangas, each with different powers. As a novelty, in this remastering we will have a new mode «hardcore»Of difficulty, as well as graphics improved, which make use of a new system of shadows and high resolution, as well as a frame rate that rises to 60.