Two years after his suicide, Avicii is still talked about a lot. An unseen video of the DJ in extreme pain has just been published by the Mirror.

Avicii, whose real name is Tim Bergling, committed suicide on April 20, 2018 at the age of 28. Hypersensitive, and exhausted by the frightening rhythm of his tours, the Swedish DJ suffered according to his family from “Extreme stress”. This Thursday, September 10, the Mirror published a shocking video of young man on hospital bed.

Pancreatitis due to excess alcohol

At worst, Avicii appears in the images crippled with pain after having just been diagnosed with acute pancreatitis caused by massive and repeated alcohol intake. Suffering, the DJ indicates to the medical profession that he wishes sign a waiver in order to resume his tour. But the doctors tell him it’s not a good idea. The young man is deprived of food and drink to help his pancreas get rid of the inflammation. Psychologically in pain, the DJ cannot do without alcohol before going on stage:

At the beginning I was too afraid to drink, afraid that it would prevent me from performing. But I found that I was really tense when I wasn’t drinking.

He had confided in the documentary Avici True Stories.

These excess alcohol had dramatic consequences on his health. The artist was also hospitalized following a burst gallbladder.

Addicted to drugs

In 2016, Avicii, overcome by anxiety attacks, no longer hid his drug addiction :

I was taking 20 pills a day and kept telling me it wasn’t addiction. I was always so anxious when I resumed touring.

He called out like a cry for help.

Depressed, entangled in a burnout that had never been treated, the DJ was consuming ketamine like others eat sweets. Leached, the artist wanted to put an end to his career against the advice of his producers.

A gruesome death

Despite this break, Avicii did never been able to regain a taste for life nor overcome his old demons. On April 20, 2018, in a hotel room in Oman, the interpreter of Wake me up broke a bottle before slit the wrists and neck with a piece of glass. TMZ had revealed that the artist had suffered a hemorrhage caused by extensive mutilations on his body.