In the Paseo de la Reforma building, where both worked, “there is only a rotation of 20 surveillance workers and substantive areas that work different protection measures on different shifts.”

After the death of 2 workers of the Ministry of Culture by Covid-19On Sunday, that agency confirmed it and noted that “at all times they had support from the institution and their families will continue to have it. The workers in that area, located in the Reforma 175 building, are monitored by health institutions. ”

Workers they worked in the headquarters building of the agency, located at Avenida Paseo de la Reforma 175, Cuauhtémoc city hall, almost in front of the Reforma 222 shopping center.

Federal culture did not specify if the sanitation of the property has been carried out.

He explained that “the situation that prevails in the Reforma 175 building is as follows: since March 19, the elderly, pregnant women, and all employees considered in the high-risk group, were instructed to work from home, without be subject to any sanction ”.

“As of March 24, according to the instruction of the Federal Health Secretariat, all workers, without exception, work from home. TodayIn this property, only a rotation of 20 surveillance workers and substantive areas are maintained, who in different shifts work with all the recommended protection measures. It should be noted that all the protocols and guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health have been followed and will continue to be followed ”.