Marta wins the first and third races on a Thursday in which her rivals fail

Marta’s victories lift her to second place in the Championship

Belén García achieves her first victory, Nerea Martí adds a podium

Marta García has given the blow at the table that she has promised for weeks: the Spanish adds two new victories in Suzuka that place her second in the Championship on a great night for the Spanish, with Belén García as the winner in the race with inverted grill.

Marta García likes challenges and Suzuka was one for her, but the Spanish has not been scared by the technicality of the Japanese circuit and has offered a show to match your experience, with great movements and a intense fight with Beitske Visser, with up to photo finish!, on a Thursday in which Ira Sidorkova, who was her maximum rival, has been missing.

Marta has won the first and third races and manages to get 22 points to Sidorkova in a single day. Now Marta is second overall, less than 50 points from Visser when three appointments are missing from the end of the contest.

Good Thursday also from Belén García, who gets his first victory in the contest. The third Spanish of the Championship, Nerea Martí, who added a podium today, has also been highlighted.

Marta’s victories are even more important as they occurred on a Thursday in which Visser did not take first place and only one podium and Sidorkova did not rise to the podium. Nerea remains sixth in the Championship and Belén rises to eighth position thanks to her victory today.


POS. PILOT POINTS one. Beitske Visser 328 points two. Marta García 279 points 3. Ira Sidorkova 257 points Four. Caitlin Wood 210 points 5. Tasmin Pepper 207 points 6. Nerea Martí 203 points 7. Ayla Green 137 points 8. Belén García 131 points 9. Alice Powell 130 points 10. Jessica Hawkins 125 points

You can see the event again here:

Or if you prefer, we summarize it below:

Each event in the W Series consists of three races, the first and third are pre-classified and the grid for the second is made up of the reverse order of the results of the first race. This is what happened today in Suzuka, where the drivers have competed with Formula Renault 2.0 cars in iRacing:


Caitlin Wood has started setting the pace, but soon Marta García has established herself in the first position with a time of 1’59”561. However, Beitske Visser improved Marta by 70 thousandths to get into the provisional pole and Ira Sidorkova placed third to two tenths of a second. In the last minutes, Visser improved to secure the Pole, with Marta second to two tenths of a second and Sidorkova, third.

one. Beitske Visser, 1’59”127
2. Marta García, 1’59”354
3. Ira Sidorkova, 1’59”494
5. Nerea Martí, 1’59”692

13. Belén García


Marta started with a good start, in which she and Sidorkova sided with Visser on the way to the first corner. Beitske took advantage to escape, but Marta soon overtook her. The Spanish began the afternoon with everything to ask for, because just after Sidorkova and Visser touched and the Russian fell several positions.

Further back, Martí was building his career and Belén García was in 17th position. Halfway through the race he was surprised by an accident by the British Jessica Hawkins, who was going to the grass. Meanwhile, Nerea was ahead of Norwegian Ayla Agren and placed fourth.

Ahead, Marta stood out with a great defensive job from Visser, who finished two minutes to the end of the race when Beitske surprised her on the outside in the 130R. But Marta did not give up and a minute from the end, she did not let Visser rest and overtook her again.

But the race still awaited the best: a Last heart attack lap with Visser closer than ever and a photo finish that would give Marta the victory for only … three hundredths! What a battle for two of the greats, with Sidorkova finishing in sixth position.


Marta Garcia

Beitske Visser

Caitlin Wood

Nerea Marti
19. Belén García


Belén García has started well positioned for the race with an inverted grill and has placed herself leader, ahead of the Brazilian Bruna Tomaselli and Miki Koyama before the Japanese ruined her home race with a spinning top. South African Tasmin Pepper took advantage to place third, while Nerea Martí and Marta García climbed to seventh and eighth positions.

One of the new additions to this event, Gabriela Jilkova, surprised when she climbed to second position, with Agren in third while the three Spanish kept giving their talk, with Marta overtaking Wood and Tomaselli and going from eighth to sixth in just a few seconds.

At the end of the race we would see a relentless Marta trying to overtake Eaton, something she would achieve a few seconds from the end, before also beating Pepper. A book comeback in which he continued his good streak after the victory and added the maximum number of points, in addition to cutting Sidorkova and Visser, who finished 11th and 13th respectively.


Belén García Gabriela Jilkova Ayla Agren

4. Marta García
8. Nerea Martí


Marta was soon in the first position, with a time of 1’59”331, ahead of Visser and Wood, but Beitske would soon improve to take the second pole in the afternoon. Sidorkova secured third position; Nerea, sixth and Bethlehem, seventh.

Beitske Visser, 1’59”028 Marta García, 1’59”148 Ira Sirdorkova, 1’59”379

7. Nerea Martí, 1’59.637


Good exit from Visser and Marta, who maintained their positions while Sidorkova spun and lost their options. This was followed by a brave escalation by Nerea Martí, who placed fourth and came to fight for third place with Pepper.

When the race seemed for Visser, Marta surprised us again by overtaking Visser from the inside in a magnificent new move on her part. Behind, Bethlehem struggled to climb to seventh position. Pepper and Martí took advantage of Visser traveling with a damaged car to overtake her in the last minutes, giving Nerea access to her only podium in the afternoon.


Marta Garcia Tasmin Pepper Nerea Martí

6. Belén García


Next Thursday, July 16, the riders will race at Mount Panorama. Remember you can follow the Championship through the official channels of YouTube, Facebook and Twitch of the W Series.

Each event will be narrated by simracing commentator Luke Crane and will feature commentary from David Coulthard, Lee Mackenzie, and Billy Monger. Also, In this portal we will keep you informed with a detailed chronicle of each of the appointments.

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