Two suspected cases of black fungus are registered in Oaxaca


The Regional Hospital of High Specialty of Oaxaca (HRAE) treats two suspicious patients, pending confirmation, of mucormycosis, also called “black fungus.”

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The State Health Secretariat, and its federal counterpart coordinate the research protocol and laboratory tests to rule out or confirm whether they present this pathology; what manifests itself in people with severe or advanced immunosuppression, with blood cancers during chemotherapy And that is, rare in the majority of the population.

Through a communication, both institutions specify that mucormycosis is not reported as an exclusive event among patients with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, as this type of fungus is common in the environment.

However, the disorder usually appears in patients with some type of immunodeficiency to fight the infection.

The document stated that this notice has the purpose of informing the population, through reliable health sources, in order to avoid panicking.

In addition to preventive measures, they urged the population to eat healthily, avoid consuming high levels of sugars and fats, which could affect health, and keep the immune system strengthened.

For more information regarding this condition, this instance makes the following link available:

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