The Spaniard analyzes how much spectacle softer tires add to current F1

The 55 has regretted the pit failures, but maintains confidence in McLaren

Carlos Sainz has analyzed what this weekend’s Spanish GP may hold, where tires will once again be a hot topic given the high temperatures awaiting at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. In addition, the McLaren driver has ensured that he maintains his confidence in the team “intact” after the pitfalls in recent races.

Sainz acknowledged that other teams in the midfield took a step forward in the last Silverstone round in relation to their MCL35, although he is confident that the performance situation is more even this weekend.

“Renault, AlphaTauri and company found new things in the second Silverstone race, while we raced with a car very similar to the previous race, only there we maximized the potential of our car. I think the other teams tried new things and together With the heat and wind, they found extra things. I don’t think they have many improvements here. I think we are all starting from scratch in Barcelona. We did not do well last year because of the last sector and this year it will also be one of our weaknesses But we all started from scratch and we want to go back to the points, “Sainz said at a press conference for a small group of media, including this headline.

Part of the spectacle lived at the 70th Anniversary GP was thanks to the weather conditions and the choice of Pirelli forced the tires to have little useful life and practically the entire grid made two pit stops. Sainz does not rule out a similar scenario for the Spanish GP, although he does not see it as clearly as last week.

“A two-stop race is possible for this weekend, but it will depend on traffic. At Silverstone we had a hard time overtaking those of us who went two stops, and the problem with going in traffic is that there is more blistering and it is magnified more. So stopping in the pits an extra time is not beneficial, and everyone will try to go to a stop. But it is very hot here and the wheels are going to suffer a lot. For us, the more stops, the better “, has analyzed the from McLaren.

“I share the opinion of those who say that the softer the tires, the more spectacle there is on the track. For the driver it is worse because it does not allow us to attack so much. It is a good solution in the short term, but in the long term Formula 1 does not It can make worse tires so that there are more shows, but more even cars. The tire solution is good for this year, in the short term, but not in the long term, “he added.


Sainz’s points options – or more, at least – have been seriously weighed down in three of the last four races of the season due to poor pit stops. Sainz has assured that he fully trusts McLaren and has explained the three errors specifically.

“My confidence in the team is intact. I know that the team does its job as well as possible, although we know that this has cost us many points and is an area for improvement. But the three problems have been different,” stressed Sainz.

“One was a problem with a mechanical sensor – nothing we could do – the second was bad luck due to the traffic in the pit lane and the other was a human error that can happen to anyone. Three different and unconnected errors , by chance they have all happened to me, but it is what it is. We must continue trying to improve, “he added.


Despite the absence of Sergio Pérez, Racing Point added four points more than McLaren on aggregate from the two Silverstone races. Despite the Woking team’s missed opportunity to cut points from Lawrence Stroll’s, Sainz believes that bad luck has weighed them down by the British GP and that among the struggles that McLaren focuses, they are not only doing it with Racing Point.

“We are not looking only at Racing Point, but also at Ferrari, Red Bull, Renault … and we know that Silverstone, especially the second race, did not go well. We got 12 points between the two races, but if it had finished the race. The first race would already be 24 points, and that shows you how frustrated and pissed off we are for letting so many, so many points escape in the first five races. It’s something that annoys me and I’m not happy and I keep it very much in mind, especially because they are points that nobody is going to give me back. And people tell me that my luck will change and I will recover the points, but no. Those points are no longer recovered, they are in the garbage and the question is to recover the sensations and little by little catch a positive trend and obtain better results “, he stated.


This week a rumor has emerged that suggests that Istanbul or Jerez could host an extra appointment of the 2020 Formula 1 calendar back in November. Sainz did not want to say too much about these rumors, although he was in favor of a second home GP.

“I don’t know how real the rumor or the possibility is. I love to race at home, so I have a great time in Jerez or Barcelona. But I don’t know how real it is, so I can’t say much either, but it would be a good news, “has ended.

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