Two new official matches for Wrestlemania 36. The RAW tag team titles will be up for grabs at Wrestlemania and one match by Aleister Black.

Two new official matches for Wrestlemania 36

WWE announced two new matches last night to Wrestlemania 36, in this new attempt to fill the program with battles because the two battle royals that had to be done due to the coronavirus cannot be done.

The first match is a new kick to the WWE tag team division when we see a tag team like Street Profits will face Angel Garza and the champion of the United States, Andrade, who got this opportunity yesterday after defeating Ricochet and Cedric Alexander, which unfortunately have been left to play jobbers. We will always think that this place of challengers was going to be for Authors of Pain.

The second announced match and even more random if possible, is the one that will face Aleister Black vs. Bobby Lashley. Without any rivalry in the middle since Black was with AJ Styles and Lashley came from a rivalry with Rusev that was lost in time. So we assume that the two of them will be in Orlando, that they would have the day off and that they have been told, hey fight at Wrestlemania that we need to fill two four-hour shows with meaningless fights, and here we have this combat.

With these two bouts plus last night’s confirmation of two others, Elias vs Baron Corbin and Edge vs Randy Orton, We already have 12 confirmed bouts for Wrestlemania waiting for three more to be added on the SmackDown show this Friday.

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