The Federal Health Secretariat confirmed two new deaths from the coronavirus in Jalisco, with a total of 25 deaths from complications derived from that disease.

Ten deaths from coronavirus have been reported statewide in the past four days.

In the daily technical report it was detailed that eleven more infections were also registered in the entity that reached the accumulated 282 cases reported on the federal platform and 776 suspects.

According to the report, of the accumulated number of cases only 72 are still active and in treatment. The State presents a rate of 0.85 for every one hundred thousand inhabitants. The national average rate is 3.89.

Confirm decreased mobility

In Jalisco, mobility decreased on average 62% in recent days, reported Ricardo Cortés Alcalá, general director of health promotion, of the Federal Secretariat of Health.

The official presented the record obtained via information provided by Google, Facebook and Twitter applications. The State outnumbered Mexico City, which reported a drop of 57%, and other entities such as Hidalgo, Guerrero and Durango; who had decreases of less than half in their ordinary activities.