SALVADOR – A baby of two months Died in Ipiaú, southwest of Bahia, victim of the new coronavirus. The information is from the Municipal Health Department. The death occurred on the morning of last Thursday, 30, but the positive result for the disease was only communicated to the family on Monday, 4. The closest relatives deny that the girl died of covid-19, although four of them tested positive for the disease.

O state had access to the baby’s death certificate, which points to severe anemia, congenital toxoplasmosis and hemorrhagic shock as the causes of death. The Health Department of Ipiaú informed, in a note, that the girl was tested after death, which would explain the delay for the result. “It doesn’t come into our heads. The death certificate says one thing and they (the government) say something completely different,” said the grandmother, who asked not to be identified. The family says they did not have access to the test’s counterproof.

The baby died less than a day after being admitted to Hospital Regional Prado Valadares, in Jequié. The pediatrician recommended, after analyzing ultrasound and X-ray results during a routine examination, on Wednesday, 29, that she be taken to the unit managed by the state government, which is an hour away from Ipiaú.

She had a history of congenital toxoplasmosis – infection transmitted by the mother and associated with contact with cat and other feline feces, from water and food intake, for example – and anemia. When she arrived at the hospital, the baby needed a blood bag. “We knew that she had these problems, that her skull was not developing as it should, but no one said anything about coronavirus,” said the grandmother.

On the night of hospitalization, she underwent a rapid test to identify whether she was infected with the virus. The result of the first test, said the grandmother, who accompanied her granddaughter and daughter to the hospital, was negative. The next morning, the baby suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest – which is also associated with complications caused by the virus – and did not resist.

O state asked the Bahia Department of Health (Sesab) why the baby underwent a new test, but the folder said that it does not detail “information from hospitalized patients, even those who have already been discharged or died”.

The grandmother was unable to inform if any baby’s respiratory samples were collected and sent to the Central Public Health Laboratory (Lacen), in Salvador, where the analyzes are carried out. “If they did, they didn’t tell us, what we know is that the first one was negative,” he said. O state he tried to contact the Prado Valadares Regional Hospital, but did not get a return.

The parents, grandmother and grandfather, sister, cousin and two uncles of the dead baby live in the same house, in a region far from the city. The residence has only three rooms, each inhabited by a family nucleus. “Everyone is together, why was it only positive for four people and not for the others?” Asked the matriarch, one of those diagnosed with coronavirus last Monday, with the baby’s parents and one of the children. They all underwent rapid tests, after the confirmation of the youngest disease, but say they have no symptoms and claim that they fulfill the isolation.

Ipiaú has at least 53 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus and two deaths.

Second baby killed by coronavirus

In less than a week, he was the second baby killed by covid-19 in Bahia. In the early hours of last Sunday, 3, a four-month-old baby, who was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a private hospital in the capital of Bahia, also died of the disease.

The most updated data from Sesab show 3,975 notified cases of covid-19 and 144 deaths in the State. The prevalence of the disease in children under one year old, according to the secretariat, is 0.46% – the most affected are adults aged 30 to 39 years (27%).

As the death certificate of the baby ipiauense did not contain a coronavirus, the burial took place without the necessary sanitary restrictions – such as the coffin sealing, to prevent the virus from spreading. There was no wake to avoid crowding. Only the maternal grandparents, the parents, three uncles and a neighbor of the family participated in the burial, in the late afternoon, in a cemetery in the city.

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