Two malware threats targeting Apple’s M1 chipset detected for the first time

It happens while Apple wants to execute the transition from Intel to its own processors.

For a long time Apple has among its projects the manufacture of absolutely all the elements on its computers. Among these components are processors. The Cupertino-based company is undergoing a transition from Intel to M1 chipset. However, despite being really new devices, they have already detected their first two threats.

The Ubergizmo portal recalls the nature of these new processors. It details that its architecture is based on ARM of the A series what Manzana destined for iPhones Y iPads. Specifically, they are already installed in recent versions of Mac. Therefore, the fact that there is malware threatening is an element to be aware of.

Explains the same portal as both « strains » of malware They were detected by Patrick Wardle, a renowned cybersecurity researcher. Wardle details that the antivirus that comes by default in the Mac is probably not able to detect the threat. Consequently, Apple would have to perform an update to the operating system, to combat the annoying guest.

Malware damage

Likewise, the cybersecurity researcher explains that the threat posed by these two malware is nothing to worry about. They say it is more annoying than destructive. Similarly, it is an unwanted element in the system.

Another cyberattack researcher named Thomas Reed, cited by the aforementioned portal, says that the invasion of this malware is not surprising. « It is one of the most active Mac adware families, and one of the oldest, constantly changing to evade detection, » he concluded.